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Installment 9: Religion and the lies we call History

                                                 Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story

Let’s discuss the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Genesis: 1-28. I just finished reading this for the umpteenth time trying to put into context the movie on this subject.

 I’m sure most of us have seen it many times. Obviously Lot was looked on with favor. Genesis 19:1-28 tells us how Lot was urgently warned to take his wife and daughters and flee the city. He was told that under no condition are any of you to turn around or you will die. They hastened him along as if they were on a schedule.

 They finally  had to help him on his way. His wife turned around out of curiosity of course and was turned to a pillar of salt.

Personally I found Genesis 19:30-38 to be particularly disturbing. Lot, after escaping, went up into the mountains and slept in a cave with his two daughters. His daughters plied him with wine and then one at a time spent the night with him. They did this so they could preserve the seed of their father.

The firstborn bore a son called Moab. Today he is known as the father of the Moabites. The younger also bore a son named Ben-mime. He grew up to become the father of the children of ammon unto this day. I find this disturbing because now it sounds like the Old Testament is advocating incest.

I wish scientists would test this area plus the sediment at the bottom of the Dead Sea. They should be checking for any signs of radioactive isotopes or radioactive traces in the sediment. It sounds to you once you read this epic that they were on a predetermined schedule.

 You come to this conclusion since they couldn’t look back for reasons of radiation fallout. I personally am not talking nuclear weapons. However, I am sure science could tell us exactly what was used. Is this another one of those ancient events where we don’t want to know the truth?

I was just reading Ezekiel and man, this does not sound like a forgiving understanding God to me. He obviously got joy in, and he bragged about, killing Jews. He did this while all along having no pity or mercy. He did this even while bringing famine to his people.

 Still in Ezekiel we read that those chariots of the Gods were even at the Garden of Eden. Now that really makes one suspicious of events, depicted at the Garden between Adam and Eve. Especially since, as it is depicted by the people it seems as though this event was supervised.

Still on the subject of Ezekiel we notice that there is a lot of talk in regards to these vehicles that God came down from heaven in. I thought he was God? He shouldn’t have needed a vehicle to travel around in.

 Witnesses then say behold, a whirlwind came out of the north a great cloud, and a fire unfolding itself, and brightness was about it, and out of the midst the color of amber and fire, came the likeness of 4 living creatures. What is this God didn’t travel alone? They had the likeness of a man and every one had four faces and four wings. Ezekiel gave precise details of the vehicle and its landing.

I won’t go into too much detail; it is in the Bible if you want to read further. His description was astonishingly good. To our present way of thinking what he was describing was like one of our lunar vehicles used today.

I’m really looking forward to discussing the Arc of the Covenant. This really amazed me. In Exodus 25:40 Moses was given by God exact instructions for building the Ark of the Covenant. The instructions were given down to the smallest detail so no mistakes would be made.

 The directions were given to the very inch. How and where rings and stave's were to be placed and from what alloy metals were to be made.

The instructions were meant to be followed out exactly as God wanted. He even warned Moses several times not to make any mistakes. He told Moses that no one should come close to the Ark of the Covenant. Even giving precise instructions as to the type of clothing that should be worn and the footwear that would be worn while transporting it.

 Then in Samuel 2, 6:2-7 David had the Arc of the Covenant moved and while moving it Uzzah accidentally grabbed it and fell dead on the spot as if struck by lightening.

Sounds like God struck him down because he did not follow his instructions implicitly. In reality, if we construct the Ark today using precisely the instructions handed down to Moses from God. What we would have is an electrical conductor capable of producing several hundred volts. Hmmmm, I know coincidence right? The story continues to take shape. Installment 10 tomorrow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Not who but what is God? Installment 8, Religion and the lies we call History

                                               Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story

Continued from yesterdays  installment 7: These are items that have shown up virtually out of nowhere throughout ancient history .With incredible improvements inexplicably coming forth in technology and expertise.
Arch of the Covenant explained in the Bible is of special interest, anyway;

These have never been proven or adequately researched. Today we cannot reproduce some of these feats. To say God did it or the technology has been lost over time is no longer an adequate excuse. We have the technology now all we need is the collective desire to do the right thing.

I know it was suggested by Erich Von Daniken, but why don’t we test areas for radiation using special equipment, such as Tiahuanaco, Sacsahuaman, the Gobi desert, the legendary Sodom and Gomorrah area. I’m sure there are many others, or are we afraid of what we will find.

Cuneiform texts and tablets of Ur, (which, amongst all these other issues, I was able to find on line, so I know the information is available) are the oldest known books of mankind. They tell us without exception of Gods who rode in the heavens in ships.

 Even more disconcerting, is the story of Gods who came from the stars. They arrived possessing and displaying terrible weapons and then they just returned to space.

 I for one happen to believe these old books. I also believe in the true meanings in our Holy Scriptures. There can be nothing truer Just when are we going to be honest and face reality.

The subject of the Sumerians is quite questionable and interesting. However, we will talk about them only in regards to stars that they depicted in old tablets. The remarkable thing about these stars is that they were circled by planets.

 In Egypt and Iraq there were finds of cut crystal lenses that can only be made using cesium oxide. How did the Sumerians who lacked our ability to observe the heavens know that fixed stars had planets.

The remarkable thing to me about these ancient peoples is that they seemingly just showed up out of nowhere. No source that I have referenced including the dictionary can even identify these people. No one can even say where they came from. Let alone the fact that they brought with them technologies that still cannot be explained let alone understood or believed.

It is too much for coincidence that throughout ancient history, cultures kept cropping up with superior astronomical and building skills. This is too coincidental especially when they did not have any previous knowledge in these areas.

 In Lebanon there are glass like bits of rock called tektites, in which radioactive aluminum isotopes have been detected. Quite phenomenal to me was the discovery of electric dry batteries that work on the galvanic principle. They can be found at the Baghdad Museum. Let’s see them explain that one away.

There are many, many more unexplained impossibilities. Every one of them should make us curious and uneasy. We should be questioning what we have been fed for what appears to be misinformation for years.

*What I found disturbing was finding such things as the description of the Ark of the Covenant. In the Bible it was described as a truly wondrous thing that God gave meticulous instructions to have built. Only to say that when a man had touched it as God had told them not to do at all costs he would strike them dead, and did.

*This, and then to find out that if it was built today with the precise materials and methods listed in the Bible. What you have is an electrical conductor capable of discharging several hundred volts.

This amongst many scriptures that we have pointed out is in reality much too technically advanced and wide spread to just shrug off or dismiss as coincidence.

These unexplained items and events have made at least me, uneasy for years. Now at this important juncture of time, is the time to answer any and all unanswered questions. Our future might count on it.

 There are structures that whose history we study and revere, and we know that they were impossible to be made even today. Disregarding this we teach what is knowingly to experts, wrong.

 We do this just to give the people a history to believe in, this is wrong. We have got to correct our past right now. We must do this before we try and proceed any longer in the wrong direction.

Let us take a little time to cover some true facts directly from the Old Testament; this is of course, scripture followed by Christians and Jews. Some of these quotes you may find quite unsettling.

In Genesis 1:26 we learn that God said he was going to make man in his image after his image.
Genesis 6:1, 2 and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them. That the sons of God saw the daughters of men and they took them wives of all that they chose. Sounds like slavery to me.

 Genesis 6:4 there were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them.

It’s small wonder that there were giants on the earth in those days. These Gods were said to be 18 feet tall. By the way, what are Gods sons doing taking earth women? I guess he never did say how he was going to make them in his image.

 I thought according to what we as Christians and Jews were taught, that there was only one God. We have some important questions and facts to work through. They have never been adequately delved into for many reasons and misguided excuses. At this important juncture in our lives as civilization it behooves us to find out the facts. We can then get the story of our past straight so we can move into the future in the right direction.
The story is taking shape. Installment 9 tomorrow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Not who but what is God? Installment 7, Religion and the lies we call History

               Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story

Continued from yesterdays  installment 6:   What would you say if there was an ancient calendar found that gave the equinoxes, astronomical seasons, the positions of the moon for every hour, also the movement of the moon, even going so far as to take the rotation of the earth into account.

This calendar exists and was found in the dry mud at Tiahuanaco. This is a city whose ruins are so ancient that when Francisco Pizarro questioned the Incas in 1532 about the ruins they said they were so ancient no one has any memory of seeing them when they weren’t in ruins.

 This is a disquieting find because it gives irrefutable facts and proves that whoever produced, devised, and more importantly to me, used this calendar had a much higher culture than ours.

Another amazing discovery was the great idol. This single block of red sandstone is longer than 24 feet and weighs 20 tons. It was found in the old temple.

 The contradiction here is between the superb quality and precision of hundreds of symbols that cover the idol in contrast to the primitive techniques used in making the building that houses it.

The symbols were given a closely reasoned interpretation in the book, “The Great Idol of Tiahuanaco”, by H. S. Bellamy and P. Allan. They concluded that the symbols record an enormous body of astronomical knowledge and are based, as a matter of fact, on a round earth.

They concluded that the record fits perfectly a theory published 5 years before the idol was even discovered.

This theory postulates that a satellite was captured by the earth. This does not mean that we physically captured a satellite that landed on the earth as you probably realize. But that it was pulled by the earth’s gravitational pull.
 As it was pulled towards the earth it slowed down the earths revolutions. The symbols on the idol exactly record the astronomical phenomena which back up this theory. This, at a time when the satellite was making 425 revolutions around the earth in a year of 288 days.

They were forced to conclude that the idol records the state of the heavens 27,000 years ago. The existence of such a sophisticated body of knowledge 27,000 years ago, demonstrated on both the idol and the calendar should be enough to make even the weak minded query.

There is just too much information here that man supposedly didn’t figure out for thousands more years.

One of the great Archaeological wonders of South America is the monolithic gate of the sun. This too is at Tiahuanaco. It is a giant sculpture standing nearly 10 feet high and 16 ½ feet wide carved out of a single block. The weight of this one block is more than 10 tons. There are 48 square figures in 3 rows flanking a being who represents a flying God.

That is the reason I am mentioning it here. It once again, now at the other end of the earth, tells of a golden spaceship that came from the stars. In it came a woman whose name was Oryana.

 She came to fulfill the task of becoming the great mother of the earth. Oryana had only four fingers that were webbed; she gave birth to 70 children then returned to the stars. To back this up, we do in fact find rock drawings of beings with four fingers.

Let’s talk a bit about another Inca wonder at Sacsahuaman. There were fantastic defense works there. They were only a few feet from present day Cuzco.

There are monolithic blocks weighing more than 100 tons. There are terrace walls more than 1,500 feet long and 54 feet wide. Believe it or not these feats are dwarfed by a quarried, finely worked, 20,000 ton stone block.

On the way back from the fortifications at Sacsahuaman in a crater on a mountainside just a few hundred yards away, the visitor comes across a monstrosity.

It is a single stone block the size of a four story house. It has been exquisitely crafted in the most craftsmen like way. It has steps and ramps and is adorned with holes and spirals. There can be no way the Incas themselves crafted this. We must remember that we are 13000 feet up. There is no way mere men could have accomplished this feat.

To make it even more impossible for the Incas to have worked this, the entire block is standing on its head. Still yet, not 900 yards away from this sight are more rock vitrifications, (melting of stone at high temperatures).

 We are told that this is because of glaciers. Yeh, a glacier melted and went in six different directions over an area of 18,000 square yards, let’s get real. Why is it that these rock vitrifications show up in one form or the other at every single ancient God mystery? Installment 8 tomorrow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Not who but what is God? Installment 6, Religion and the lies we call History

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Who is God: Installment 5 of Religion and lies we call history


                                              Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story           

Continued from yesterdays  installment 4:   I know that like these philosophers, I am not the only one that believes man is just a minute life form on this earth. We simply play the same role as other, even smaller or larger forms of life. In turn, everything that lives on this planet is merely a part of the life of the planet. The planet in turn is part of the universe as a whole. The big problem with man is that he has a brain and often fails to use it.

This brain, (mind) is what separates us from all other life forms on this planet. It is precisely the brain, which is turning out to be our biggest problem to ourselves. Man often feels superior to all other living things. He feels it is up to him to do as he will with whatever he wants.

 This really scares me. I have always felt that if life on this planet, in any form, is dependent on man for survival, it is doomed. Man has shown that he can’t even manage himself. Give them a right and they’ll make it a wrong. Ever hear of that one? Sadly enough that seems to apply to man as a whole. It is a frightening thought when you look at our track record.

We are now the keepers of the World and that is not a good thing. Man does not have the capability to manage his own life, forget about the planet. I always said that once something is depending on man for life, it’s all done. Man as a whole does not know how to do the right thing without letting their own idiocies get in the way.
 They do not seem to be able to do the right thing for themselves let alone for anything else. With that in mind, it reminds me of something I heard Jane Goodal say the other night. She made this statement while at a meeting on the condition of the planet. She just said that we messed it up. We made a mess of things, I agree, yes we have. Despite this it is not too late. We can do this, but we need the best of every field, all over the world. We can beat this.

We were given a brain in order to make up for our lack of physical prowess, and strength. This was in order to enable us to survive in a very hostile, wild environment that was life on planet earth. Now we no longer have to concern ourselves with surviving the might of fellow creatures. As a result we have turned our energies exclusively on each other.

 This can, and will, turn out only one way. Maybe that was the purpose of man in the first place. Maybe his role is just a way to bring the planet full circle in its life process. If not, we better get our collective selves together because that is exactly what is going to happen.

The very fact that we do have a brain is what makes it necessary for us to understand in varying degrees, of life and mans role in it. Our brain gives birth, and necessity, to various Religions and various beliefs. Being of one Religion or the other, or for that matter, none at all, makes you no better or worse than anyone else. Your psyche just needs a little more information, and understanding. This is for you to realize and understand your role on earth and the universe.

Speaking about mans mind and ancient philosophers, just seems to naturally flow into a discussion on Kabbalah. Which as many of us know, is practiced by many in Hollywood. When the Jews were first under the Islamic empire there was no anti-Semitism or Religious persecution. As a result there was no need for mysticism. As the Muslim situation and Religion developed and evolved however, this changed. Once again, religion has evolved as a response to external conditions. This is the same thing that is happening once again today.
Kabbalists began to give their God a mystical appeal. Both the Muslims and Christians also found this necessary, in response to Judaism. This discipline of mysticism was handed down from mystic to disciple and was called Kabbalah. Kabbalah literally stands for “inherited tradition”.

The God of the Mystics was able to reach, and touch, fears and anxieties differently than those that are philosophically explained away. Kabbalah, as we mentioned, is known to most of us only because Hollywood stars practice it. It is practiced as a means of dealing with the increased stresses that come with a Hollywood life.

Kabbalists try to penetrate the inner God They attempt to penetrate their inner anxieties. They do this instead of speculating rationally about the nature of God and the universe. They attempt to alleviate the problems in his relationship with the world. In this attempt Kabbalists have turned to their inner self, their imagination.

Kabbalists, like virtually everyone else on the planet, regardless of Religion or lack there of, believe that God or his spirit exists in everything. There is one glaring, obvious, exception, “the Islamists”. They hold nothing sacred, and will destroy anything and everything.

 Virtually everyone else believes that god, and, or, his spirit are in everything that exists. Having these thoughts in mind, this tells you without a doubt, that the Islamists, with their wanton destruction of life and nature, are in fact, against God himself.

Let us briefly discuss the important roles of polish astronomer, Nicolas Copernicus, (1473-1543), and Italian scientist, philosopher, and inventor of the telescope, (1613), Galileo, (1564-1642).

What absolutely astounds me about these two men is that one, Copernicus in 1530, had completed his studies on the universe. He then declared to the civilized world that the sun was the center of the universe. And two, this was almost 85 years before Galileo had even invented the telescope. This is positively amazing. How on earth could anyone possibly have known that?

We will be getting to that in depth real soon. We will just remember for now, that he was around at a time a lot closer to when the Gods were known to have visited earth. As we discussed, you have to wonder, what ancient documents were around to reference.
Needless to say, that as a result of Copernicus claim, his treatise was put on a list of books forbidden to be read by Catholics. Poor Galileo, as a result of his assertion that Copernicus was correct in his assumption, was immediately summoned before an inquisition. He was immediately commanded to retract his scientific creed. As a result he was ultimately sentenced to indefinite imprisonment.

The Roman Catholic Church was instantly opposed to any change in their doctrine. This was the same as any other institution during this period when conservatism ruled the day. What did make the church different was that it had the power to enforce its will, and did. At this point the Roman Catholic Church was a well oiled, smoothly running machine. They were terribly efficient at imposing intellectual conformity.

Inevitably, the condemnation of Galileo inhibited further scientific studies of many outstanding scientists. We can be sure that was their goal. The Roman Catholic Church however did not condemn his theory because it endangered belief in God the creator. They condemned it because it contradicted the word of God according to scripture. It didn’t matter that he was right, hmmm.

This once again, has to lead us to question the Bible, Torah, and Koran. Specifically for the reason that they were written when we did not know many of the facts we now know. Scriptures say that heaven and the earth were created for the benefit of man.

 How could this be, if as Galileo claimed, and of course it is fact, that the earth was just another planet revolving around the sun. Heaven and Hell were regarded as real places. Today, as many even then thought, we know them as the heavens and the core of the earth. Many occurrences that have been proven to be natural, in the Bible are credited to God.

 We have to correct all doctrine to reflect the facts as we have grown to learn them. We must if for no other reason than to stop any confusion, misunderstanding, or redundancy.

There is a tremendous amount of what were once unexplained phenomena, misguided theory, and just plain old misconceptions that at one time were acceptable. Today, an awful lot of past events and inexplicable artifacts are no longer shrouded in mystery. They have been proven as facts.

 They have been proven and some of us agree, some of us will not. There are an awful lot of inconsistencies in our recollection of ancient history. Our archaeology leaves tremendous unanswered questions. Our Religious scriptures are no longer considered accurate. This is due to recent proven facts.

Our understandings have been matured. Also new scientific discoveries have disproven old beliefs often unambiguous and overly rife with mysticism.

There is much that is inconsistent with our archaeology. One reason is that we find electric batteries many thousands of years old. We also find strange beings in perfect space suits with platinum fasteners. We have found numbers not even registered by our computers, 15 digits, can you believe it? Just how did early man achieve this? There are just too many holes in the fabric of our history. We have the technology and the ability to fill them and must. We need only now, the collective desire to do so.

Let’s get used to the idea that the world of facts as we were taught them, are now known to be incorrect. The knowledge we have grown up with for years, was full of supposition and theory. It is going to collapse in time.
As we already talked about, there are too many inconsistencies with our religious scriptures. Every Religion promises help and salvation to man, just as the Gods did. Why did the ancient Gods use ultra-modern weapons to annihilate harmless, primitive people? Why did the Gods plan to destroy whole populations, and indeed did do this?
Knowledge that has been hidden in the secret libraries of secret societies for centuries are being rediscovered. The age of space travel which severely encumbered ancient mans comprehension of events, is no longer a secret.

 Gods, Kings, priests, heroes, ancient villains, we must revisit all of them and force them to give up their secrets. We now have the ability to figure out all these secrets. We can now find out all about the past. We have the ability to leave no gaps. We have the ability to leave no guess work and we must.

Archaeologists to me are invaluable. Their work must be enhanced by the use of hypersensitive equipment designed to detect what we cannot perceive. We must once again revisit any questionable archeological site with ultra sensitive equipment and measuring devices.

 Priests who seek the truth in all Religions must once again question and doubt everything that is established. We must put it to the test. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our past, and we owe it to our future.

The Gods that have visited Moses, Abraham, and other parts of the world, have left behind many trails.
 These trails today can be tracked and correctly deciphered. We do know our past and what we have been teaching for centuries is not at least 100% correct.

 Today, space travel has become so much a part of our every day life. It was completely alien to our ancestors. However, it was a reality to the Gods of yesteryear.

The Sanskrit scholar Dr. Dileep Kumar Kanjilal, professor of Sanskrit and Indology at the Sanskrit College of Calcutta at least to my knowledge, was the first scholar to publicly say that, “It can be doubtlessly proven from old Indic texts that the earth had been visited and influenced by extraterrestrials in remotest antiquity. This has been proven beyond doubt and we will go on to show and prove it. Installment 6 tomorrow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma